I need like, a legit reason my school shuffled people from another school instead of hiring me (and the other teacher requesting not being a reason, because evidently she liked where she was)

Exhausted and depressed, and my therapist says I need to look for an alternate reason for things happening instead of assuming a negative one about myself, and I seriously cannot right now.

Do they save money with this move? There will be other opportunities!


"Good Job" Alternatives

Parents and teachers often say “good job” as an automatic response to a child’s action. “You ate all of your peas. Good job!” “You did a good job putting away the toys.”

A “good job” now and then is fine, but it doesn’t help children understand why what they did was good. Preschoolers need to know what they did, why it worked, or why it shows they are capable. Try the following suggestions to give preschoolers specific, detailed information that recognizes their achievements and encourages their learning.

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Not just for preschool


Complete draft of my e-Portfolio due Tuesday? Head cold the size of Jupiter? Eeeeeek.

What website/program do you need to use?



I was offered and accepted a teaching position, full time for September. So happy all my hard work in college has paid off.

Yay! That’s pretty awesome to know so early! What will you be teaching?

Thanks everyone. I’ll be teaching high schoolers - unsure of what subjects exactly because the department needs to decide how they will reorganize with the old teacher out, and me in. Business education, for sure though. Maybe financial lit, econ, global business…we will see!

I was offered and accepted a teaching position, full time for September. So happy all my hard work in college has paid off.

What do you do with your students on April Fools? Looking for something that is a little fun - not an entire lesson plan - for high schoolers. Ever hear of any good ideas, or have successes with your own?

I’m writing my case study for my ST seminar class. I’m totally giving my 2 students pseudonyms of Harry and Ron. They’re pretty fitting, actually. My professor won’t notice - I just hope I can present my case study to my class with a straight face.

FlipQuiz is a computer based solution to the old review game. It provides a clean, easy and fast way to make jeopardy style quiz boards in minutes. Teachers no longer need to spend time writing on the board, keeping track of which categories and sections have been asked - FlipQuiz does all the work for you.

And it’s free! Try it out next time you’ve got a review game coming up.

One of the students in my class with a rough home life made me really happy today. I teach personal finance. Finances are an issue in her single parent household. I learned through another teacher that she recently started helping her Mom make a budget, after we learned about it in class. We made a budget in class, so she had an example to bring home with her.

It really makes me feel good to know that the material is useful and can be applied so quickly to help with real life financial situations. Even though this student will often get frustrated about the work in class, she sees it is important. I’m so happy she is sharing it…and it really affirms what I know - that all students need financial literacy skills. Proud of her.


i think it’s unfair to those students who are always loyal and listen to me. 

Proponent of not punishing them all. As a good kid I felt it was so unfair. And honestly, I think it is. Try working with the real trouble makers.