Here’s another thing that’s been going around the interwebs.  So the story goes that a 1st grade teacher gave the beginning to a bunch of famous sayings to her students and asked them to give her the end.  Example: Better late than…never.  But it turned out much, much better.

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Please add yourself to build our community! I completed my student teaching last year and before I started, I followed a bunch of others who were starting the same journey I was. Having that support in my dash was surprisingly helpful. I suggest all student teachers fill out the form so they can find other STs on tumblr to follow, and can be found themselves. 

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Part 3: Using LinkedIn to Network

What I love about this post is that it just isn’t for those looking to get a job in education. The power of LinkedIn can and should be used by not only aspiring teachers, but current teachers. It is my experience that LinkedIn is severely underutilized by new education majors, whereas other majors (business) jump right on quite quickly. After the jump, take a look at some of the ways LinkedIn can benefit you, regardless of where you are in your career. 

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When do you guys start up again?

First student day is August 13!

I report on the 13th and start on the 18th of August

Kids come back the 18th

The thirteenth.

So strange to hear how early schools go back! First day for students here is Sept 4th.


Pretty cool thing happened to my little blog last night— I hit 600 followers!

Woohoo! I know that may not seem like a lot to some of you, but coming from someone who has NEVER been able to commit to anything online for more than a month, this is pretty exciting to me. I love this little…


I was at a party at a friend’s house when the topic of education came up among six of us while on the lanai. I listened to to conversation and after awhile it turned to tenure. As the only educator in the group I listened as the misinformation about tenure being job security for life was…


I teach a Business/Computers class at my school and this was just one of many outdated resources left for me to use. One of the other ones was “Office Technology” and had a how-to guide on using a basic calculator… yuuup.

Oh boy. What grades? Is there a dedicated business education department at your school? Business teacher here.


48 bucks for these items, and that’s after $17 in coupons/rewards. I still have more to buy, but the prices in jumbo walk pads were outrageous and they didn’t have they type of hanging file organizer I need.

Teachers: how much do you spend each year before school starts on classroom supplies? I’d like to hear what your school/department already provides and how they support you with the materials you need. For new teachers, what would you suggest we buy that might not be provided?



Looking to find the others who are student teaching, especially if you are starting in January and plan to share some of your experiences on your blog! Like or reblog this post so we student teachers can check you out. Maybe, it’ll help with the nerves.

You should make a Google form and start curating a list like we did for the roll call.

I posted this for last semester but happy it’s getting attention again! I’d love to make one for STs and maybe first year teachers. I’m on vacation this week but can get something up next week!