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QuestionIs there a role call for regular teachers as opposed to student teachers? Answer


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QuestionDo you know of anyone who teaches German or any language? Or anyone who teaches online? Answer

I don’t. Anyone out there able to help out?

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QuestionDo you know any Special Education teachers or people majoring in Special Education? I am considering Special Education as a major and would love to talk to any Special Education teachers or students majoring in it. Thank you in advance. Answer

Take a look at the student teacher role call. We have a few special education folks there!

Hello! To update you all on the tumblr mentoring process:

  • We currently need a lot of elementary mentors (grades 1-5). Please help.
  • I’ve been keeping this post updated with all the pairing information.
  • If you sent me a message and I didn’t get back to you, please know I’ve still added you to my list. We have an excess of mentors in certain content areas, so it might take some time for you to get paired, or you may be in a highly specialized area that we don’t have demand for right now.
  • Thank you all for your interest! The help from the education community has been incredible, and we have so many new teachers and STs who want to better themselves. This will be a great learning experience for all of you.
  • Real world teaching starts soon for me, so I will be less active , but still work to help get you paired if you are interested. 
  • If you have been paired, please remember to share your relationship and what you have learned as you see fit.

Many great tips and things to consider for the student teachers. After student teaching last semester, this list certainly rings true! Especially the bit about gossiping about others. You will hear it from teachers and students. Don’t engage in it.

High school teachers, what’s the deal with notes in your classroom? In the past I’ve provided a notes sheet to help guide students during the lecture part of the lesson. It helps keep them on track and focused pretty well. Some people might think this is spoon feeding, though.

Do you do something similar? Do you teach your high schoolers how to take notes? Do you not care if they don’t take notes? Do they need to?

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QuestionI want to be involved in the mentoring, I just completed my masters & licensure and am trying to begin my first year....unfortunately I can't seem to get hired. Advice? Answer

To get a mentor - message me off anon! Advice for getting a job? I’ve posted a few things on my blog to take a look at in the past. Quick and dirty: get that resume reviewed, tailor your cover letter to the schools needs, get the cover letter reviewed, apply everywhere you can, use solid examples in your interview in which you let your personality shine through. I can help review your resume if you’d like.

Creating a list of teachers and student teachers for the tumblr mentoring program has shown me that we need more science and special education young ones going into the profession! We have a handful of mentors in those areas but literally not one student teacher in science or special education. Same goes for art and music, but electives often have less Ts.

It got me wondering - what is the demand for teachers in your area? Here in NJ we have a big supply shortage of:

  1. Special Education
  2. Science (especially physics and chem)
  3. Math

And we have more teachers graduating than we have open positions for:

  1. K-5
  2. English
  3. Social studies

There are others (electives, languages) that I think are pretty much in the middle, but it varies of course. So my question for #education is: what is the demand for teachers in your area like?

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QuestionThird grade teacher, open to mentoring a first year or student teacher. I worked in a title I school, too, if there's anyone out there who needs support with that. Answer

Come off anon so I can pair you, please.

Experienced Teachers: Are you interested in being a mentor to a first year teacher on tumblr?

First year teachers: Want a mentor to help you throughout your first year?

If you didn’t notice, we have started this mentoring program for student teachers here and are now opening it up to first year teachers! 

Mentors would be responsible for offering support (resources, teaching ideas, advice, emotional support) during the teacher’s first year. First year teachers could use their mentor as a resource, share his/her ups and downs.

Mentors and mentees would be encouraged to share their resources and experiences with the rest of the #education community. A weekly post of a helpful tip, words of encouragement, or an update on the relationship would help spread the positive vibes in our community and enhance the learning experience. 

Interested? Send me a message. Be sure to tell me your subject area/grade level you teach. Please volunteer to mentor if you are at least a second year teacher, and please take advantage of this if you are a first year teacher! 

If you are a ST and still want to get in on this - no problem. Just ask.

Any questions?